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Kids Candle Making
Well supervised youngsters will dip candles and take home what they have made.

Kids Embroidery
Well supervised youngsters will learn basic stitchery and take home what they have made.

Cooking Class- How to make an event feast
This class runs all day and will include making the feast and the dayboard for the day.  BYOApron if you like.

Advanced Archery Ballistics
We will go over ways to improve the aerodynamics and balance of arrows, tuning the bow, advanced
construction techniques for crossbow bolts and arrows, and tuning crossbows. This will be a physics-heavy
class. Bring your own arrows, bolts, bows and crossbows.
Games construction
We will be making board games with common items, instructor will supply some parts. Open to all kids of
any ages.

Basic Archery
 Robin Hood and Katniss had to start at the beginning, too!
This class is open to all beginner and novice archers or those just thinking about giving it a try.
There will be a discussion on terminology, what equipment will be the right size for you, suggestions for
strength training, and archery technique. If weather permits, we'll take some time out at the range. Loaner
equipment will be available for those who do not have their own.
It is recommended that you wear garb appropriate to the weather and archery.
Any questions before the event regarding this class can be sent to

Basic intro to SCA: So this is your first event.. now what?
If this is your first event (or one of your first few events), this is for you! Basics of what to expect at an event,
etiquette, and answers to questions you might have been shy about asking before. Brief class with more
detailed handout (handout will also be available electronically for those who prefer that format)

Beginning Silk Painting - Serti Resist Technique
Creation and Care of a Silk Painting
Materials Cost:
1) $3.00 per attendee covers
 a. one 6" silk covered hoop
 b. use of resist (substance that limits the area in which paint can flow), paint, soft pencils, brushes, paint
palette, plastic aprons, paper towels
 c. printed instructions on how to care for the finished silk-painting
2) For those who bring their own silk and stretcher or embroidery hoop
 a. $1.00 will cover the first silk item to be painted, up to 1 square foot. If item is larger, each additional
square foot will be charged at $0.50.
 b. These attendees will have the same access to resist, paint, and tools as attendees covered in point 1.
 c. printed instructions on how to care for the finished silk-painting

Clay Construction Basics (for adults and well-supervised children)
This is a hands-on of basic clay handbuilding techniques. I'm not going into the history of clay, we know it's
been around since far before the SCA time period, and still goes on.
NOTE: this is technique only and is NOT being planned at this time to result in a finished piece. (Please
especially take this into consideration if you plan to bring a child to the class - younger ones may not
understand that they're not "taking home a project")
We'll cover pinch, slab, and coil technique, with some information about different types of clay and why you
might choose a specific type for a specific project.
Please bring a smock if getting dirty is a concern.

Games Construction
We will be making board games with common items, instructor will supply some parts.  Open to all kids of any ages.

Introduction to Blacksmithing
Introduction to the use of a forge to bend metal to specific shapes, instruction will include safety, how to heat
metal and understand when it's ready to use, use of tools and use of hot and cold techniques. Each
participant will get a chance to make their own item. Bring your own eye safety gear if you can.

Everyone wants to brew, here's how.
A beginners class

Juggling 101
(for adults and well-supervised children, recommended age 10 and up)
Hands-on, learn the basics of juggling. Goal is to accomplish the basic "3-Ball Cascade".
Those who can demonstrate skill at the 3-Ball Cascade are welcome to stick around to either help
supervise/teach or to learn the basics of devil sticks and/or diabolo.
Balls and beanbags for use during class will be provided.

 Nefarious Intentions of History: How poisons shaped our world
This is a lengthy discussion on the way substances, mostly plants, were used in history to affect humans the
various regions of the world, from ancient times through much of the medieval era, with some mention of
evidence from modern society.
Warfare, assassinations, murder: the intentional use of a plant, animal, or mineral to directly influence the
course of socio-political history throughout the world.

Shield Work 101
This class will cover the basics of shield work from positioning (how to hold the thing) to movement (how to
block and not get in your own way). Depending on skill level of participants, we will continue on to facing
different weapons forms and footwork.
Scribal Clinic and Information Point
Rather than a class, this will be a scribal clinic and informal scribal information and discussion point. Gentles
with scrolls in need of repair or having registered arms inserted into armigerious scrolls may bring them to
the scribal table to see what can be done for them. In addition all scribes are welcome to come share
information with one another in an informal setting. Or, if you're a gentle interested in scribal arts, please
stop by to learn more!

Answers to Your Sewing Questions
This class can answer your most basic to your most advanced questions about sewing. Do you need help
threading a needle? Do you need help to trouble shoot a stuck project? and everything in between. If you
want help on something specific, let m know in advance so that I can bring stuff if I need to

General Fiber Clinic
Will start with a spinning class if all else fails. Then just play with tools. Bring your own fiber or play w mine.
Bring any questions you may have on fiber prep, spinning, knitting, or weaving. Period & non period
welcome. If I can't help I will try to direct you to a resource. Often my answer may be, no clue try it and see
what happens. :) No, I'm not going to detangle your yarn that your cat decide to PLAY in! If you just want to
hang out and do something crafty that's good too.