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AS & Bardic Championship





Class Schedule


Baronial Champions Lord Eanraig MacEanraig and Lady Galle Amsel will be stepping down after a long hard winter, choosing new Bardic and Arts & Sciences Champions. 
All are invited and encouraged to participate in these annual competitions that welcome Spring's beauty back into the lands of our Barony. 

Bardic Championship
The Bardic Championship Challenge will be based on the 3 elements of bards: storytelling, poetry, and music/song. 
I, Eanraig the Bonesetter, your current Champion, encourage anyone to participate, and wish to have those gentles who accept the Bardic Challenge perform any 2 out of the following 3: 
First, an original piece of poetry, in the style of their persona if able, of any SCA member from whom they draw inspiration. (4 min time limit) 
Next, a short story: Glory or chivalry of a baronial member at any recent event - you can interview anyone for details starting NOW. (5 min or less).
Last, a song or style of music played, preferred in your persona but any period culture is fine (3-4 min suggested). 
Anyone can perform one or two of the above without committing to serve as champion, and the populace will vote on those performers who have entered the competition. 
The winner of the day will be the new Baronial champion, and I will sponsor a special gift for the singular best performance of the day, chosen by the Baron and Baroness and their Champions.

Arts and Sciences Championship

1/7/15 This year the A&S competitors will be asked to incorporate some aspect of snow into their piece. 
Pieces that incorporate an aspect of snow will be given three points. 
Pieces that are documented will be given up to 5 points based on the depth of documentation and the populace will vote on their favorite. 
The piece with the most points will win an award and the Baron and Baroness will take the points into consideration for their choice of the new A&S Champion for An Dubhaigeainn