Spring Schola- What do you do with a Ducky Pirate





AS & Bardic Championship





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As your outgoing champion, I look forward to participation by any who would care, and will sponsor 3 neat nautical items, in keeping with the maritime theme.
For those entering: you will be asked to come up with your personal backstory and how it is linked to pirate activity or maritime trade to introduce yourself, and then perform 2 of the following: a poem about the sea or pirate activity (self composed is better), playing a musical instrument to help the crew pass the time, a song with maritime links, a story of pirate actions, (defending against or being one) or taking the impromptu challenge: you will be presented with a rope that I tie a nautical knot and come up with a story on the spot. Length of stories is not important, but grandiose themes, real fish stories are more welcome.
Populace will vote for top 3 performers, and vote tally will define first, second, and third place. Top seeded baronial member becomes the new Bardic Champ.