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The A&S Competition: Create a piece inspired by your own time and history. Are you a 14th century seamstress? Then perhaps create a garment in line with 14th century fashion or patterns. Scribes could submit C&I based on the period and region they live. Entrants are not restricted in their creativity across mediums, for example even the seamstress could do a painting that highlighted the fashion of her time, or the scribe embroider a feather quill, a crucial tool to his work. Documentation is strongly encouraged, though not strictly required. Please be able to talk about your inspiration for your piece.

The Bardic Competition:  The Bardic Competition will consist of two pieces. Pieces may be any performed Bardic art- Song, Story, Poem, Etc.. Pieces may also be of the same type of Bardic Art.  The pieces chosen by the competitors should be those appropriate to your persona's time and period.  If you are a 15th Century Italian, a piece from 15th Century Italy would be appropriate.