St. Andrew Returns from the New World for the Baronial Investiture 













St.  Andrew returns to the lands of An Dubhaigeainn to join Their Excellencies Baron Ateno of Annun Ridge and Baroness Lassar Ingen Aeda, who will be hosting Their Royal Majesties Edward Grey of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdotter at a grand day of revelry and feasting to celebrate the investiture of the Baronial heirs, Lord David Vázquez de Valençia and Mistress Suzanne Neüber de Londres.  

St Andrews Tentative Schedule
9:30 Troll Open 
11 AM to 12:30PM Last Court of Ateno & Lassar followed by Royal Court
12:30 to 1PM Inspections for Marshal Activities 
1 to 3:30 PM All Marshal, Children & All other Activities 
4:30 to 6PM Royal Court, followed by First Court Of David & Suzanne
7 to 9PM Feast -SOLD OUT

A tournament will be held for the enjoyment of all present to select the next Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion; a second tournament will be held for those who do not wish to, or are ineligible to compete for the Champion's position.  The site is wet.  There will be food and activities to please all ages. 

So mark your calendars, and please join us for this day of celebration!

Site Opens: 9:30 am               Site Closes: 10 pm

Site : (includes day-board)
Adult - members:  $5.00     Adult non-members:  $10.00*    Child 2 -17:  $3.00
*Includes the SCA non-member surcharge.  Minors are exempt from the non-member surcharge.

Feast: (includes site fees)--NOTE no open flames are allowed in the dining hall.--SOLD OUT
Adult:  $10.00  Adult non-members:  $15.00*  Child 2 -17:  $8.00 
Families of 5+ may contact Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave for a family rate via at e-mail 

As of 10/11/12 the feast is sold out.  Should you desire to join us for the day, we have a link to local eateries for your convenience.  CLICK HERE -Leaving SCADUCKS website

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NY, Inc.- Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Event Steward/ Send Reservations to:Lady Sorcha of Stonegrave  (Pam Jacques)
(631) 754-8977(before 9 pm)
16 Leonard Drive
East Northport, NY 11731

LOCAL HOTELS: click on link to leave SCADUCKS website -Costs per google hotels

Danfords Inn- Port Jefferson  ~$169   Danfords Website


Hampton Inn ~$107    Hampton Inn's Website


Holiday Inn ~$146   Holiday Inn Express Website


Courtyard Inn ~$109  Courtyard Inn Website